Choosing the Right Tarp for You. Because Having The Wrong Tarp Is Worse Than Not Having a Tarp

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to go surfing for hours online to find a tarp or go to a store going out and about and still come up empty handed only because you’re not sure what kind of tarp you are looking for? Or even worse, you actually found a tarp but it was too late and you realized it was the wrong one for your specific need. Well then I guess you need some expert say on that. So here are tips you can chew to find the right tarp for you.
To choose the right tarp for your needs,  mentioned that you may consider the following:

  • Tarps by the weather elements and environmental factors you want coverage against:
  • Sun: Some tarps are UV treated to resist the harmful effect of UV rays. Look for “UV resistant” or “UV treated” in the product description to ensure that you are getting the right tarp.
  • Rain: Polyethylene (poly) and vinyl tarps are naturally 100% waterproof. Treated canvas tarps are water resistant. However, if enough water accumulates on the canvas tarp, water will eventually seep through.
  • Wind: Not all tarps hold up well in windy conditions. Vinyl tarps and super heavy duty poly tarps and are the best candidates for coverage against wind. Make sure to use proper straps and securely tie down the tarps for a snug fit on your valuables.
  • Cold: Heavy duty or better grade poly tarps adapt well in winter conditions. Yet vinyl tarps are the best performers in very cold temperatures, built to withstand as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heat and Flames: Flame resistant or flame retardant tarps are a must for protecting valuables located close to a flame or high heat. Flame retardant tarps are available in poly, vinyl, and canvas. Look for specially marked “flame retardant” or “flame resistant” tarps to ensure that you have the right tarp. Please note that while flame retardant tarps may not readily burn, it can be dangerous and potentially destructive to place goods close to a flame or high heat.
  • Tarps by material:
  • Poly Tarps (Polyethylene, Polypropylene) – Poly tarps are seen and used everywhere, from construction to landscaping to camping to backyard applications and many more. Poly tarps are a good all-purpose tarp choice for everyday use. Poly tarps range from light duty to super heavy duty.
  • Canvas Tarps – Canvas has a long history in the clothing and nautical industry. Made from cotton or polyester, the canvas tarp is a tough and durable material that many come to trust to protect their valuables. Canvas is also used as the standard drop cloth for painters. Canvas tarps range from heavy duty to industrial strength grades.
  • Vinyl Tarps – Vinyl tarps are the strongest, most durable tarps available. These tarps provide the utmost protection against tear, abrasion, and stress. Vinyl tarps are the very best industrial tarps and are trusted for professional and recreational use. Vinyl tarps range from heavy duty to industrial strength grades.
  • Mesh Tarps – Mesh tarps are screen-like materials made with nylon tarp threading. Mesh tarps are also known as shade tarps or privacy screen tarps. They are most frequently used to align fences at sporting facilities, such as tennis courts and golf courses. The percentages tagged with mesh tarps reflect how much light is blocked. For example: a 55% shade tarp blocks 55% of the total sunlight that would otherwise penetrate. Mesh tarps range from heavy duty to super heavy duty grades.

Tarps are not that complicated, with the right knowledge from experts like us, finding the right tarp is just a breeze. If you are in need of tarp hire service, we are the best in town and offers the lowest rates you can’t miss, why not give us a call at 1300 42 82 77 or visit our website at

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