What Are The Best Tarps For Winter In Australia?

When planning for a weeklong or month long camping, you should always remember to put a heavy-duty tarpaulin on top of the list of items you need to carry. A high-quality tarp can help shield you from harmful UV rays, rain, dew, mist and other natural adversities during camping. You can also use tarps to set up a functional makeshift space to serve as a kitchen or storage room for all your camping equipment.

In essence, tarpaulins can allow you to enjoy the open nature quite comfortably, especially during winter. Majority of tarps sold in Australia are often used in making temporary overnight shelters, traditional shelters and a range of other applications that require one to follow specific instructions. However, only a few tarps are recommended for winters. These unique tarps can allow you to stay comfortable and enjoy a variety of activities while inside them.

Why Tarps Are a Great Asset When Camping During Winter ?

While most of today’s tarpaulins are very lightweight, they offer heavy-duty usage as they are made from strong polyester coated PVC and other advanced plastics. It’s always advisable to set up a tent beneath a tarp shelter when camping during winter. That not only prevents cold air from penetrating into the tent but also keeps dew away from the tent cover. Using tarps to set up makeshift space can really be a great way of keeping yourself from freezing during winter camping expedition.

Types of Tarps

Currently, there are many types of tarps available in the market, each designed with a specific purpose. Tarp manufacturers often use different colors to indicate the grading, longevity and usefulness of the tarpaulins. Some of the common colours used on tarps include blue, yellow, green and silver.

Here is a breakdown of what each tarp color represents:

-Blue tarps: Are light-duty tarpaulins designed to be used in short term coverage of items. They usually come with eyelets and grommets.

-Yellow tarps: Are considered to be of medium duty and mostly recommended for making short term shelters. They are not recommended for use as camp shelters though.

-Green tarps: Green PVC tarps are medium-duty and are great for overnight camping experiences.

-Silver: These are by far, the most heavy-duty tarps and come complete with eyelets or D-Rings. They are mostly recommended for long-term in covering items and for medium-to-long term camping expeditions.

Though manufacturers don’t nowadays don’t really pay attention to this color coding, these are the main tarp varieties you can find in the market. Heavy-duty tarps are perfect for winter camping in Australia because they can block night winds and cold from cutting through the tent. That ensures utmost comfort and warmth underneath the tent. It’s always important to choose a full-length tarp that can offer you greater flexibility of use during camping.

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